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Currently, we are partnering with the Washington Dept. of  Fish & Wildlife to incorporate climate change issues into the State Wildlife Action Plan.  We were instrumental in developing the Discover Pass and continue efforts to refine it and insure new revenue is targeted on recreational access and stewardship.  We contribute time and money to help fund the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition, a nationally recognized state program that has invested over 700 million in Washington for outdoor recreation and habitat acquisition programs

Not only is WWF making a difference in Washington, we are working to solve problems on the national level.  We are supporting efforts to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a federal program funded by a small portion of U.S. off-shore oil and gas leases. 

Through our newsletters, website, and action alerts, WWF will be keeping members updated on state and federal issues that affect fish, wildlife and habitat in Washington.

WWF and NWF interns meeting with Congressional staff in Washington DC

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